Our ambitions

At the moment we don’t know exactly how things will change, but we do know that we need to work to close up some ‘gaps’ in our health and care system. We want to reduce the following gaps:

  • Health and wellbeing gap: this means the gap between people who have the best health and people with the poorest health. At the moment people living in the most deprived areas of east Kent are likely to have poorer health, than those living in more well-off areas.
  • Care and quality gap: this means the gap between the required availability and quality of services people need and the availability and quality of services we currently offer. In east Kent we are already struggling to meet demand for services and we often do not meet national quality standards.
  • Financial gap: This means the gap between the money we have and the cost of services. Our finances in east Kent are under increasing pressure and we are heading for a big shortfall if we don’t find ways to work smarter.

Our aim is to make health and care:

  • Easier to access: services are available when and where people need them.
  • More coordinated: teams of health and social care professionals working closely together to offer personalised care.
  • Proactive: health and social care professionals supporting people to lead healthier lives and tackling treatable conditions quickly before they get worse.
  • Affordable and sustainable: living within our means, spending the money we have for the greatest impact, and planning with certainty what services we can afford to provide in to the future.

We think this ambition is in line with the changes local people have told us they would like to see.


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